Restoring Kindness Project

In the cleaning & restoration industry, we are blessed in that we get to make a difference in someone’s life each and every day we show up for work.

We regularly experience the contagious and life-giving effects brought by acts of kindness and service. But why limit those acts of service to day-to-day restoration work? Why not encourage everyone to do their part in restoring lives?


Inspiring companies and individuals to live each day with purpose by loving and serving local communities through acts of kindness, expecting nothing in return.

How can I get involved?

However you want. There’s no limit! Get creative. It doesn’t have to cost anything. Simply think of a kind thing to do, go do it, and leave a note behind with the hashtag #restoringkindness.

Join as a supporting business partner and let us know you're participating!

The Restoring Kindness Project is proudly sponsored and supported by Violand Management Associates.

Restoring Kindness was founded in 2015 by A&J Property Restoration of DeForest, Wisc.

Who We Are

In 2021, C&R Magazine took the reigns and is now spearheading the Restoring Kindness movement within the US. At C&R, we are committed to motivating and encouraging individuals and businesses to join in and restore kindness across the country. We hope you will join us! 

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