Our History

About #RestoringKindness

Restoring Kindness was founded by Kent and Lynn Rawhouser, former owners of A&J Property Restoration in Madison, Wisc., and rooted in the qualities through which they ran their company. What started as a small movement to impact their community lit a fire in an entire industry. 

Kent and Lynn founded their emergency restoration company in 1984. One of the things they loved most was the ability to meet people at their lowest moments, and help them get back on their feet. They viewed each property loss as more than just a job. It’s a chance to restore a life.

In 2021, C&R Magazine took the reigns and is now spearheading the Restoring Kindness movement within the US. At C&R, we are committed to motivating and encouraging individuals and businesses to join in and restore kindness across the country.

It’s always been about more than work, it’s about serving people.

Every day, our industry sees what kindness and service can do. It’s contagious and life-giving. But why limit those acts of service to restoration disasters? Why not encourage everyone to do their part in restoring lives?

These are the roots of #RestoringKindness.

There is a hashtag attached to the campaign because we believe stories of kindness, shared online can inspire change and action. We want to hear what you’re doing. We want to hear what’s being done for you and we want to encourage others to start restoring kindness too.

What began with local businesses and individuals across south-central Wisconsin has now expanded nationwide and worldwide with Canada helping to lead this initiative! You can see how Canadians are spreading kindness by visiting their website: restoringkindnesscanada.ca